restaurantes salvadoreños: How to find? Best dishes and restaurentes

restaurantes salvadoreños

Are you finding a salvadoran restaurant in the United States? Are you searching for the best Salvadoran restaurant in the United state? We will explain many of the best restaurants in the USA in detail. The United state is a very huge country, many people from other countries go to the United States for job purposes. So, Salvadoran people came to the USA for job purposes. People who come from a salvadoran country to the USA, these people find restaurantes salvadoreños in the USA. And go to the restaurant for eating spicy and crunchy food

How to find salvadoran restaurant in the USA:

Many methods to find a salvadoran restaurant in the United state but we explain some of the best methods in detail.

Google Map:

Google map application is the best way to find restaurants in the United state. First of all you open google maps on your mobile or any other system, then turn on your location google automatically knows your perfect location. After this you go to a search bar and write about restaurantes salvadoreños in the United state, Google shows many restaurants in your location. Then you choose one of the best restaurants and go to the restaurant with our children and friends. In Addition, Google will also provide short directions of these stores. Moreover, you can find the contact details of the restaurant and you can order online for home delivery. Google will also show the opening and closing time of the Restaurants. If you can find which restaurants are open or closed at that time, you can search these restaurants on google maps.


Yelp is the most famous search engine that helps to find the restaurants and other shopping. This website has a very smooth interface and easy to understand this searching process. You click on the search bar and write about restaurantes salvadoreños in the United state, they show many restaurants in the United state. After this you can choose one of the best restaurants and go with your children, friends and family to eat spicy and crunchy food. The Hotel staff is very good behavior with our customers.

Moreover you can find automobile repair centers, phone repair centers, gyms, restaurants,etc.This website is very helpful for you. You can easily find any restaurants on this website.


Los Angeles Times is one of the best websites to find restaurants in the United States. The Dashboard of this website is very smooth and easy to understand the searching process. First of all you click on the search bar and write the best restaurantes salvadoreños in the United state, and select the food filter then they show many restaurants in the United state. You can choose one of the best restaurants near your location, and go with your children and friends to the restaurants. Moreover this website shows the sports, television, music, politics, Arts, entertainment, technology blogs, business, books, etc. If you can find any things this website will help you. If you can find restaurants in the United States, Latimes is very helpful for you.

Best restaurantes salvadoreños in United State:

Many restaurants in the United state but we explain some of the best restaurants in detail.

1. Mis raices restaurantes salvadoreños:

Mercedes Rodriguez and her team have been delighting the residence of Reseda and beyond since 2008 with deliciously authentic salvi breakfast scrambles of eggs with loroco. The dish is serve with a side of pure black beans, rice and thick handmade corn tortillas. You can order online for home delivery.

2. Paseo san Miguel:

It is one of the best restaurantes salvadoreños in the Usa. Some of EL salvador’s most popular seafood dishes are on the menu at Paseo San Miguel.The camarones al ajillo is flavourful, full bodied and a house speciality. Seafood classics like sopa de siete mar, which gets its name from the seven types of seafood stewed in a creamy, tomato based broth, is also highly recommend. You can order online for home delivery.

3. Los Molcajetes:

For more than 40 years, this old school salvi restaurant has been well known for its piping hot and beautifully presented molcajete. A large french roll is stuff with tender and juicy chicken stewed in recaudo. It is a flavorful sauce made of tomato, spices, herbs, and roast chiles. You can buy orders online for home delivery.

popular dishes in restaurantes salvadoreños:

Many dishes are in restaurantes salvadoreños but we explain some of the best dishes in detail.

1. Pupusas ( Stuffed Tortillas )

Pupusas is one of the best Salvadoran dish.In English language Pupusas is called a stuffed tortilla. It is best for a Breakfast or as a quick snack. They are made from thick corn tortillas that can be stuffed with different fillings, including different meats, refried beans, cheese and even squash flowers. Then the filled corn tortillas are cook to perfection on a traditional grill, this is called Comal. Moreover, The vegetarians always enjoy Pupusas, with the fillings of Spinach, garlic and ayote, this is a type of rich squash, it is most popular in EL Salvador. They are served with Salsa Roja, a salsa of tomatoes and onions with a little kick. Additionally, This dish is No more expensive. Poor people easily buy this. This dish is one of the go-to foods for customers and busy Salvadorans. Pupusas are like Salvadorian quesadillas.

A Team of cooks in El Salvador say they broke the world record to make the largest pupusa, the team pupusa, a tortilla stuffed with pork, chicken, refried beans, squash and lots of melted cheese, this Pupusa diameter is 18 feet. They used 500 pounds of flour.



2. Tamales

This is a Spanish word Tamal, Tamal comes from the Nahuatl tamalli, which means steamed cornmeal flour. Tamales are a traditional Mexican dish. They are made with a corn based dough mixture that is fill with different meats or beans and cheese. They are wrapped and cooked in corn husks or banana leaves, but they are removed from the husks before eating. Once steamed, the tamales are cool and then served with tomato salsa, it is a salvadoran food big on both heart and flavors. The flavor of the Tamale flour is gentle and faintly nutty. In Addition, Tamales made from corn were commonly sent out with hunter, travelers and soldiers for portable food and luck along their journeys, and it has becomes mostly use for spiritual and community celebrations. When you go to restaurantes salvadoreños you must visit this .

They provide healthy micronutrients, including folate, vitamin A, calcium, zinc, phosphorus, potassium and iron. If you add chili to tamales it can give an extra kick. Further, It helps to support health. Tamales are a symbolic element in Mexican and Mexican American cultures. They are strongly associate with unity, celebrations, family, kinship and community.

3. Quesadilla:

A Quesadilla is a Mexican dish that dates back to the 16th century. The Salvadorian Quesadilla is actually a rich and much loved cheese based dessert. Moreover, Traditional Quesadilla was made with a corn tortilla that was warm in a griddle, filled with cheese and different meat and vegetables, and then eaten by hand.

Best cheese for Quesadilla:

  • Chihuahua cheese
  • Oaxaca cheese
  • Mild cheddar cheese
  • Pepper jack cheese
  • Mozzarella cheese
  • Monterey jack cheese

Cheddar and monterey jack cheese are often use in American Style Quesadilla.

8 common Quesadilla cooking mistakes:

  • Use corn tortillas
  • Make the Quesadilla with two tortillas
  • Overstuff it
  • Fill them seafood
  • Use too much Oil
  • Cook it on high heat
  • Use one pan for a crowd
  • Cook them ahead of time

When you go to restaurantes salvadoreños you must visit this.

4. Yuca Frita:

Yuca frita is made from boileyuca that are cut into thick steak fries and fried into crispy perfections. They are crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. Finally, you can say that yuca fries are the Cuban version of french fries. The taste of the Yuca frita has mild, slightly sweet and also nutty flavor. Furthermore, If you like potatoes, you most likely will like Yuca.


  • You can Use fresh or frozen yuca for this
  • Use vegetables Oil for frying
  • Use salt to taste

Yuca, commonly known as cassava or manioc,it is one of the most versatile vegetables in the world. Use it fried, boiled or mashed. When you go restaurantes salvadoreños you must visit this.


If you belong to Salvadoran and live in the United States and you want to have lunch in a Salvadoran restaurant, you read this article. I have explained All restaurantes salvadoreños in detail. And I will explain the most popular dishes of these restaurants in detail. When you go to any restaurants you must read these articles. This is very helpful for you. You can more information must visit this site




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