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Are you searching for the famous Onlyfans star Tyceratops. Why is he popular Nowadays? Are you looking for the Career of this famous Star? What is the income of this model? In this Article i will explain the career of this famous onlyfans star. Furthermore, I will discuss closely the business that he used to earn money from different platforms. Make sure you can read this complete article.

Who is Tyceratops?

Tyceratops is a Content writer. It is an instagram model and an onlyfans star. He travels to different areas and uploads images of his adventures on his social media accounts. Tyceratops loves mountain hiking and trekking. Further, he also sells his content on famous websites onlyfans. He is a trans boy who loves to share his thoughts about his community. He also refers to himself as unique. LGBTQ community is growing very fast Nowadays.

People open their Social media accounts and read their Good thoughts about the community. The community has given voices to such unisex and unique people they openly talk about their experience and priorities. Further, Tyceratops organize the project his name was “The Okra project” that works for the black trans people. He is a co-founder of travel and tour company “Good Trip Adventures”.

He sells followers on instagram and Onlyfans.

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Quick Biography:

Real name Tyler Tennant
Nickname Tyceratops
Birth place Reno, Nevada
Nationality America
Religion christian
Sex Male
Profession Instagram model, Onlyfans star and Traveler.
Company Good rip Adventures
project The Okra project


Unfortunately, there is no information available on any website or Platform about his early life. But he has mentioned in his social media platform bio that he was born in Reno, Nevada, USA. he was born in Reno, Nevada and completed his early education from this city. There is no further information about his education on any platform and any social media account. Therefore, we cannot say anything about his primary education, Secondary education, Graduation or any other course of study.

Personal life:

He never mentioned any information about his family. There is no right information about mother, father, Sister, Brother and his friends. Therefore, In his social media content, images and videos do not feature any of his family members. However, He always tries to keep this personal information as secret as possible. That’s why, if we get any hints or clues about his family we will update you with this information.


Tyceratops has many careers Nowadays. He has worked on Famous social media site onlyFans, he sells the content on this site. Further, He makes good and high quality content videos about career development, Business strategies and Business growth available. Further, He has many subscribers. We cannot show the exact number of subscribers but Subscribers make a good earning from this platform.

What made him decide to become an OnlyFans creator?

When he decided to become an Onlyfans creator, that time he wasn’t sure what to expect. Tyceratops had followed the platform for some time and he liked the idea of being able to support his favorite artist directly. Therefore,  He felt it was a great way to connect with their followers and feel like he was part of their community.

Therefore, becoming an Onlyfans creator is very easy. You need only some Creativity and some followers for their process. First, he starts their work to create exciting and engaging content and he builds up a following quickly. Furthermore, He makes monthly earnings by selling Sponsored posts and Advertisement on his account.

If you want create your own OnlyFans account, you must follow these steps:

  • First, you need to create top quality content.
  • Then, you can find how to sell it.
  • Further, You can offer your work for sale on many other platforms but OnlyFans provide a user friendly interface for buyers and Sellers.
  • Finally, you can need time and effort to make money on OnlyFans.

Good Trip Adventures company:

Good Trip Adventures is a tour Company, they arrange tours and trips in national parks of the USA. Further, The company has good followers and following on Instagram. Therefore, Many people from different areas of the USA book their trip with this company. Moreover, They create a proper tour plan of the national parks and different mountain hills. Therefore, They create a certain package that this company charges for touring people to different destinations in the USA.

The website of this tour company shows their future tours plan and also shows the details of the time and dates of the tours. Further, The good trip Adventures plans tours to famous American national parks and tourist Destinations such as Yellowstone and Grand Teton National parks, Arches National Parks, Canyonlands National Parks, Utah National Parks, Acadia National Parks and Joshua Tree national parks, Zion and Bryce Desserts.

Instagram ID posts Followers Following
@goodtripadventures 593 2854 1779

This information increases day by day.

The Okra project:

The okra project is an organization that works to help the black trans people and non-binary people who face bad behavior and remarks from society. Therefore, This is a daughter organization of LGBTQ community. Moreover, The Okra project helps queer and trans people live their lives freely in society. Furthermore, They help these people with money and safety their normal citizen rights.

Social Media Accounts:

Tyceratops is also active on different social media platforms like Instagram and OnlyFans.


Tyceratops has a great instagram fan following. Moreover, He creates content regarding his tour and trips to different parks and areas in the United State. Further, He regularly posts images, videos and reels about his tours and trips on instagram accounts. Therefore, We have already discussed that he is very interested in tours and having adventures.

ID posts Followers Following
tylertennant-Businesshuman 66 1784 185


Tyceratops has a content writer and he sells his content on this platform. Further, He collects data from subscribers and sells it to different businesses based on their interests. He earns money from this business. Moreover, he also sells his photos and videos on OnlyFans website to gain a huge amount of money in his account. Moreover, he also uploads queers and adult photos on this platform to get money from them.

Account ID posts Media
@tyceratops 269 322

The Subscription plans are here:

Validity Price
1 Month $14.99
3 Month $42.72
6 Month $80.95
12 Month $134.91

Physical Appearance of Tyceratops:

The body of Tyceratops has sleek and slim. Therefore, He always posts his bold image on OnlyFans social media platforms. Further, he always posts his shirtless photos on instagram and other platforms. He is very smart with a good looking face cut and is quite tall. Moreover, he changed his hair color with different dyes. Tyceratops has an attractive body and sleek face that attract good followers on instagram and Onlyfans website.

Image source: Full DP

height 6 feet 4 inches
weight 190lbs
Hair color black
Eye color Light Brown
Tattoos Yes, on the chest and arms
ethnicity white

Tyceratops Net Worth:

The real net worth of Tyceratops is Unknown to date. But he earns more than 1. He makes a great deal of money from his account and membership. Further, He sells his photos and videos on this platform and makes good money from them.

Interesting Facts:

  • He promotes the LGBTQ community through his posts and action.
  • He also promotes The Okra Project’s organization that works for the improvement and rights of the black trans and non-binary people.
  • Tyceratops is a co-founder of a tours and travels company named was “Good Trip Adventures’ ‘ this company is owned by women’s and Queer people.
  • Further, He also sells his high quality content on the OnlyFans site.
  • Therefore, He also sells the information of his Subscribers to relative business to make some extra money.

Bottom Line:

Tyceratops is an instagram model and Onlyfans star. He writes good content and posts on Onlyfans site. He visits the many National parks of the United States and sells his content on OnlyFans. Furthermore, Tyceratops works on The Okra Projects organization that is right for the Black Trans peoples. Moreover, he has the parts of Good Adventures Company. It is a tours and travel company. For more information visit this site infotiks.com




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